Rishikesh River Rafting Guide


River-rafting in Rishikesh remains closed from 1st July to 15th September. Though the peak season for rafting is March, it can be best enjoyed from mid-September when the river is opened for rafting to the beginning of December when the water starts to turn too cold. River-rafting in Rishikesh has 4 different stretches with different lengths and different time windows.

Brahampuri Rafting : This is the basic stretch. The length of this stretch is 9 km and it mostly has grade II rapids. Rafting can be enjoyed here between mid-September to June-end.

Shivpuri Rafting : This 16 km long stretch mostly has grade III rapids, and is a recommended stretch. It opens soon after the Brahampuri Stretch and is closed down around the beginning of June.

Marine Drive Rafting :Marine Drive to Laxman Jhula stretch comprises five hours of exhilarating experience of river rafting. It is a moderate level of rafting and an adventure; whether you are a novice or a veteran, you can enjoy this adventure activity with equal excitement and delight. The best time to carry out Marine Drive to Rishikesh River Rafting is from 20th September to 30th November and then from 01st March to 15th June.

Kaudiyala Rafting :  Kaudiyala is famous for White Water rafting and it is a beautiful camping site. The 36 km stretch of River Ganges from Kaudiyala till Rishikesh offers some of the world’s most fun-filled and challenging Grade III and Grade IV river rapids along with a Grade V rapid. These rapids are termed as difficult, as they feature some serious obstacles to rafters sailing along.

Kaudiyala rafting is especially famous because this stretch includes a Grade V rapid which is the only grade V rapid on the Ganges. Kaudiyala rafting is not recommended to a group of first-time river rafters. The total time taken to complete the expedition is around 7 hours.

Best season to enjoy Kaudiyala beauty and adventure is from October to April. Rafting and camping bookings can be done online or at Rishikesh which includes transportation as well.

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