Cliff jumping in rishikesh

Cliff Jumping :-  

Cliff Jumping is one of the most exciting activities offered during River rafting in Rishikesh. There is a cliff located in the lower part of the rafting trip in the Brahmpuri Stretch just 2 kms before Laxman Jhula. The raft is parked on the banks and the team members are motivated to jump from the cliff.If you ever go for River rafting in Rishikesh you must try cliff jumping activity. The Cliff Jumping is safe and one does not need to know swimming as it is done wearing a life jacket. The life jacket does not allow you to drown and the river guide ensures that you come back on the raft safely afterwards.

It is indeed an exciting and adventurous experience to jump into the flowing river from the cliff that high. Very often people who dare to jump from the cliff once go back up again to jump couple of more times.

Height of Cliff Jump in Rishikesh

The height of the jump varies according to the water level of the ganges, which is controlled by the Tehri Dam and varies gradually through the day. The average height of the jump is around 20-30 feets. However, around the end of season (June) the height is about 10-15 feets only.

No matter which season you do it, Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh will definitely boost your confidence and remove fear of heights and water. In fact, all our River Rafting Packages in Rishikesh include Cliff Jumping.

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