Rappelling in Rishikesh

Located in the lap of the Himalayas, Rishikesh has all the ingredients that a holidaymaker looks for. Among other adventure activities one can enjoy here is rappelling. You must have watched people climbing up a cliff and then rappelling . It is really a lot of fun indulging in this exciting adventure sport. And doing it in Rishikesh has its own unique flavour.
The cliffs present exciting challenges in front of adventurers who come from far off distances to get a thrill of rock climbing. This challenge is a passion for some and fun for others. The adventure doesn’t restrain anyone and is enjoyed by men, women and children. The stretch of the trip depends on the tolerance level of the climber. Novice climbers who are climbing for mere fun can take up a short stretch of cliffs and adventurous mountaineer, who indulge in this sport for their passion, take up a longer stretch.

1.Spot Neergarh Water Falls
Height 60 feets
Time 20 minutes

2.Spot Neergarh Water Falls
Height 200 feets
Time 60 minutes

Best time for River Rappelling in Rishikesh –
Ideal Time – February – June & September – December
Rappelling Closed – July till September Starting (July and August are monsoon month in India, due to this level and flowing current of water rises very high during this time.)

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