Flying Fox Rishikesh

About flying fox in Rishikesh

Flying Fox activity is offered by Jump in Heights at the same Bungee Jumping Platform or above. The adventure is little different yet interesting than Bungee Jumping. Here, one is not alone but accompanied by maximum 3 friends, mates or family members. One can visualize the marvelous flying moments together with his close friends or relatives in the bright sunlit sky and temptation of experiencing this adventure is relentless.

The beautiful location around the jumping platform is awe-inspiring. Travelers from all across the globe are seen making queues at the ticket counter to enjoy this thrilling experience of their lives. In Flying Fox, the candidates are secured by the harness and are set free from the platform. As the gravity releases them, the wire is rolled down upto a height of about 7 meters from the water surface and then pulled back. The retrieval mechanism ensures happy flying moments from launching point to lowest point at an accelerating speed of 160 Kms per hour. The cool gushing air on faces brings a tingling sensation inside the whole body. The thrilling ride ends at the lowest point with flutter and sighs.


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